Our Girl

Addy’s Adirondac Dasher

(Adirondac Wizard of Kings x Adirondac Kiss Me Karma)

Call name:  Dasher or “Dash”

DOB:  12/12/17

Pedigree & Health Clearances: pedigree.asp

Dasher was a Christmas gift to our family, and has been a great joy ever since.  She is extremely smart, and she has been easy for her amateur owner to train into a perfectly functional retriever.  She is steady to shot, has a great nose, brings birds directly to hand, and loves to hunt.  She is a lovely field bred golden retriever, just as comfortable in the field as at home.  To us she is first and foremost a family dog, and she couldn’t be better at home.  She plays hard in the yard with the kids, and she’s calm in the house afterwards.  She wants nothing more than to please, and she is sweetly loving and affectionate.  She has always been easygoing, never prone to anxiety or bad behavior.  She growls appropriately at strange noises outside in the darkness, and she wags her tail happily after realizing it’s one of the family outside.  It’s difficult to imagine how she might be a better dog.
Additional pictures of Dasher can be found in the Gallery.
Here is Dasher’s pedigree:
Here are Dasher’s OFA Clearances: