We don’t assign puppies according to a first pick, second pick process. We assign puppies according to what we believe is the “best pick,” assigning puppies to the new owners according to “best fit.” Visiting puppy buyers are less able to pick puppies because they spend relatively little time with them, and may pass over a puppy who had just awakened from a nap, is in need of a nap, or for another reason isn’t showing his or her true temperament and personality. Visiting puppies is encouraged, but not until the the puppies are four weeks old.

If your plans for the puppy include breeding in the future, compliance with our Puppy Breeder Contract is required. Please request a copy of the contract if breeding is in your plans.

Buyers are expected to pick puppies up in person at our kennel. Puppies may be carried onto airplanes as carry-on luggage for travel inside the cabin with passengers if they are in an approved, soft-sided carrier. They are not to be shipped as cargo or checked as baggage.  All health certificate and travel costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

A $300 deposit will reserve a puppy, and full payment of $2,500 minus the deposit is due at pickup. The puppies are sold on AKC Limited Registration. Deposits are non-refundable. We make this stipulation as we feel that potential puppy buyers should give a great deal of thought about bringing a puppy into their home. Doing so is a big commitment, and the decision to do so should not be made lightly or as a spur of the moment decision. We ask that you give this adequate consideration before committing to a puppy reservation. One exception to this rule applies: if there is not a puppy of the reserved gender available in the litter, any deposit will be refunded. We do not accept deposits until we have had the chance to discuss with potential puppy buyers the current availability of puppies.

Deposits may be made by personal check.